Sample Timeline

Following the four core courses, students schedule their own course of study, depending on their own calendar and obligations.

  • Students are not required to take a seminar every quarter, however, taking quarter(s) off will make it difficult to complete the program in four years. 
  • With prior approval, students may take a Leave of Absence for up to one year. This leave does not count toward the five-year maximum allowed to degree.
  • Students may take a maximum of two seminars per quarter, and a total of three seminars in two consecutive quarters.
  • Due to the structure of the curriculum and policies on maximum number of units per quarter, the MLA degree cannot be completed in fewer than four years.
  Sample Timeline I:
Degree in Four Years
Sample Timeline I:
Degree in Five Years
Quarter Coursework  
Autumn 18-19 Foundations I Foundations I
Winter 18-19 Foundations II Foundations II
Spring 18-19 Foundations III Foundations III
Summer 18-19    
Autumn 19-20 Core Introductory Seminar Core Introductory Seminar
Winter 19-20 1st Seminar 1st Seminar
Spring 19-20 2nd Seminar 2nd Seminar
Summer 19-20 3rd Seminar  
Autumn 20-21 4th and 5th Seminar 3rd Seminar
Winter 20-21 6th Seminar 4th Seminar
Spring 20-21 7th Seminar and file prospectus 5th Seminar
Summer 20-21 Begin working on Thesis  
Autumn 21-22 Enroll in Thesis-in-Progress 6th Seminar
Winter 21-22 Enroll in Thesis-in-Progress 7th Seminar and file prospectus
Spring 21-22 Final Quarter and June Graduation Enroll in Thesis-in-Progress
Summer 21-22   Enroll in Thesis-in-Progress
Autumn 22-23   Enroll in Thesis-in-Progress
Winter 22-23   Enroll in Thesis-in-Progress
Spring 22-23   Final Quarter and June Graduation