Why A Master of Liberal Arts?

"Do this for you, do this because you want to think better, read better, write better, argue better, be a better human. That's what this program is about."

—John Carlstrom, MLA graduate


For most students, the pursuit of the MLA degree is an end in itself; for some, it is a means of furthering or extending a career; for others, it is the beginning of an academic career.

Whatever their motivations, students agree that no matter what they do, after the MLA Program, they do it better, more thoughtfully, and with more confidence.

The reasons for participating in the MLA Program are as numerous as our students. They are looking to

  • cultivate their ability to find connections among different areas of human thought;
  • develop the intellectual methodology they need to engage in contemporary debates;
  • acquire the tools to conduct original research; and, most of all,
  • pursue a life of ideas.
Portrait of Siddhartha Shome

"As an engineer, I was looking for an opportunity to take an exhilarating intellectual journey in the humanities and social sciences. The MLA program gave me that."

—Siddhartha Shome, MLA graduate

Why an MLA?

MLA graduate Animesh Mukherjee talks about his reasons for applying to the program, and the benefits he gained from completing it.

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